Foreign Tax Information & Recommendation Checklist

This checklist is required to be completed & submitted with other tax documents each year. We will not work your tax file without checklist. That's how important it is.

It is in your best interest to devote sufficient effort to fully completing this checklist as this forms the basis for developing your qualification for the exclusion and preparation of the supporting narratives that we attach to the tax return. Then in subsequent years you only address items that have changed.

  1. Name of employer,
  2. Need copy of employment agreement, if available.
  3. Send W-2's, 1099's, employee salary summary and/or other documentation reflecting total reportable compensation for the year. It is very important that we are aware of any amounts withheld from your compensation. Therefore, also need year-end payroll withholding statement that reflects detail of all withholding Y-T-D.
  4. Foreign address in your foreign country. Be sure to give us the current foreign address.
  5. USA phone numbers.
  6. E-mail address.
  7. USA address and who occupies?
  8. Is USA home in your name? Recommend you remove ownership, if possible.
  9. Do you register or vote in the USA? Recommend you don’t.
  10. Do you have hunting/fishing licenses in the USA? Recommend you don’t.
  11. Are vehicles titled in your name? Recommend you remove ownership of all vehicles, cycles etc. This is easy to do.
  12. Family ever live abroad with you? If so, whom and for what period?
  13. Specific in and out of USA dates for the year. Need every year.
  14. Need detail of any vacation or off duty days spent in your or other foreign countries other than back to the USA.
  15. Send copy of resident visa or work visa — to include expiration date and number if available. Also, send copy of stamped passport with only one stamped legible date for applicable year.
  16. Can you speak a foreign language (even if barely)?
  17. Job title.
  18. Brief narrative of any participation in the social, religious or cultural activities of the local people. Any participation with the locals, no matter what, is important (i.e., sports, church, youth activities, family etc.).
  19. Have you ever submitted a statement to the authorities of the foreign country that you are not a resident of that country?
  20. Was any foreign tax withheld or paid on your behalf? Typically your company pays the tax for you — if any — that you are required to pay. Check with your employer if you are not sure. This is very important.
  21. Attempt to obtain copy of foreign tax return your company filed on your behalf with the foreign country you worked in. This is also especially important — put effort into obtaining.
  22. Do you have a drivers license in any foreign country? (If so, give number and expiration date.)
  23. Have you used the foreign country's health services or doctors (even if only for a physical)?
  24. Do you directly or indirectly pay for any housing costs in the foreign country? If yes, how much?
  25. Have you established banking in the foreign country? You must answer yes or no. If yes, name of bank. If no, recommend you attempt to do so. Also, if possible, obtain credit cards in foreign country. These two recommendations are especially important — put effort into this.
  26. Do you have a financial interest in or signatory or other authority over one or more financial accounts in a foreign country and the aggregate value of these accounts exceeded $10,000 at any time during the calendar year? You must answer yes or no.
  27. Do you participate in any professional job related organizations in the foreign country?
  28. Are you a member of any social or health club in foreign country? Recommend you join one.
  29. Need birth dates and social security numbers of taxpayer, spouse and dependents — if not already on file. Be sure we are given the full names that are on social security card.   |   701-483-3800   |   1-800-279-6052