Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What type of client do you mainly work with?

Answer: Individual international oil and gas workers that work in foreign countries.

Question: My current tax pro says I don’t qualify. What don’t they know that you know?

Answer: We specialize in the applicable code sections (mainly IRC 911), go to the seminars and study prior tax court cases. With this higher level of understanding and expertise, we know how to apply the law and regulations. There is one key aspect of IRC 911 that must be understood which most tax practitioners don’t grasp. We explain this in detail with each client.

Question: How long have you been successfully applying workers for the foreign income exclusion?

Answer: About 41 years. There have been substantial tax dollars saved by our longtime clients enjoying an average savings of $18,000 per year.

Question: Do you also work with foreign tax credits?

Answer: There is an interplay between the foreign income exclusion and the allowability of foreign tax credits. We fully understand and work with this aspect of foreign taxation.

Question: Will you support me effectively in the event of an audit?

Answer: Audits are extremely rare, but in the event of an audit and if you request to engage us, we can represent you through the whole proceedings regardless of your geographical location.   |   701-483-3800   |   1-800-279-6052