How We Can Benefit You

Current Tax Benefit
The Foreign Income Exclusion currently (2019) eliminates tax on foreign earned income up to $105,900. The Housing Exclusion (when applicable) can shelter income in excess of the $105,900 limit.

Actual Tax Savings

You can expect tax savings based on the following income ranges:

Income Range

Approximate Federal Tax Savings


Example: If you are single and your gross foreign income is $95,000, the exclusion saves you approximately $18,500 in Federal taxes plus state tax savings, if applicable.

If there are foreign taxes involved, there are additional tax savings calculated over and above the tax savings from the foreign income exclusion.

Other Benefits

  1. Amending prior filed tax returns:
  2. Taxpayers can opt out of paying payroll taxes in certain situations. We are familiar with and current on the authoritative IRS policies that makes this option available.
  3. Filing Form W-4 to reduce the withholding of income taxes by employer. See explanations in our discussion letter under other considerations as to why this is important.
  4. You receive highly personal and dedicated attention from specialized personnel.  We pride ourselves on being readily accessible to answer questions and provide guidance.
  5. We know this code section (911) like the back of our hand. Because of this specialized knowledge, we are able to apply many workers. We know your rights and will fight for them.   |   701-483-3800   |   1-800-279-6052